There are many reasons for us to feel lost and lonely. Sometimes we can feel anxious, sad and unhappy because we don’t have a good enough life. Therefore we think sharing our problems with someone can relax our mind. It is quite normal for us to feel completely confident that the person we share our problems won’t judge us when we reveal our secret information. There are good people who will support us in our personal failures and insecurities.

However there are key things that we should remember when sharing our life with people who aren’t family or closely related. Below are some of the things which you should not discuss or seek advices about.

1. Relationship issues

If we want our relationships to last with our partners, we should keep our problems to ourselves.

Some relationship topics are entirely inappropriate to talk with others because words can spread very quickly and personal things can become public information. Also we should think about how we would feel if our partners discussed private matters with someone else.

Another reason why we should keep quiet on relationship matters is because the physical and emotional connection between the couple should only be shared with themselves. Unfortunately, the relationship therapists and counselors have found out that many relationships ended due to outside interventions.

2. Family problems.

Don’t invite outsiders into our family problems. Sharing our problems with others can lead to undermine the trust in marriage life. It is important that we communicate directly to our spouse and get the problems sorted without looking for outsider’s guidance.

Furthermore, conflicts with in-laws is one of the famous problems which married couples frequently face. Relationships with our in-laws can both be good and difficult depending on the information we are sharing. Therefore it is our responsibility to set boundaries with the information that we share.

3. Medical information

We have to make sure that our medical information should not fall into hands outside our families. People will judge us based on certain illnesses and disabilities. Therefore the chances we get rejected and isolated from the society is very high.

Furthermore many People have lost their relationships due to untimely release of medical information.

4. Fears and phobia

We feel distress when faced with fears and phobias. This can prevent us from leading our normal lifestyle and even lead us to panic attacks.

If we are dealing with fears and phobias, we should keep this to ourselves. It’s is quiet normal for us to have certain phobias, but it’s not something that we should share with others. Certain people might use our fears against us to get an upper hand or use to talk about them more often just to buildup negativity in ourselves.

This does not mean that we should face our fears alone. We can get help from our spouse or from a close family member. Our loved ones do not want to see unhappy, therefore they will always support us.

5. Goals

We might think that sharing our goals with others will increase our chances of achieving them. According to psychology Professor Peter Gollwitzer, the above fact is not true. In his study he identified that people who kept their intentions to themselves were more likely to achieve them than those who made them public. Therefore we should refrain from sharing our goals with others as not everybody will be happy about our success.

Some people are kind, loyal, and supportive. Unfortunately, certain People can use our information to destroy our lives. Therefore make sure that certain information which could affect our lives does not become common knowledge.

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