50+ People Who Took Halloween Costumes To Another Level

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2018 occurs on Wednesday, October 31.

As the only day of the year where we have a real excuse to go all out with the fancy dress, many people will be heading out trick or treating and to Halloween parties.

It is also a time that people have Halloween parties where they can play fun games like bobbing for apples, go through a haunted house, or have a costume party.

Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with a costume which is creative and original.

Therefore, we have collected a list of awesome and creative costumes.

Scroll down to check them out below, don’t forget to tell what you think of these awesome costumes.

#1 My Halloween Costume

#2 For Halloween I Caught Me A Ratatouille

#3 A Friend And I Decided To Go As Anglerfish For Halloween

#4 “Getting Deported By Trump” Halloween Costume

#5 This Guy Had The Best Halloween Party Costume, He Was The Fire

#6 My Brother Was Sad His Girlfriend Couldn’t Come To Our Halloween Party, So He Came As Both Of Them

#7 You Know It’s A Good Costume When Someone Cries Because Of It

#8 Princess Leia And R2D2 (My Grandpa’s Costume)

#9 A Friend Nailed Halloween And 3D Printed His Own Face

#10 My Buddy Dressed Up As His Cat For Halloween. Look At The Cats Face

#11 My Brother-In-Law And His Friends Won Their Office Costume Contest

#12 Made My Son A Pikachu Costume For His Wheelchair

#13 Toddler Dresses Up As Her Grandmother On Halloween

#14 Awesome Family Costume

#15 Taco Belle

#16 Amazing X-Ray Costume

#17 My Sister-In-Law And Her Sisters This Halloween

#18 Harry Potter Character Costumes

#19 Stopping By The Apple Store In My Halloween Costume

#20 Mother Of Dragons

#21 Our Local Weatherman’s Costume Today

#22 I’m 7 Foot. For Halloween I Went As A Normal Guy On Stilts

#23 Guy Dressed Up As A Stock Photo For Halloween

#24 Our Couples Costume

#25 Even Cancer Can’t Stop Halloween – A Friend Getting Chemotherapy In Costume

#26 My Girlfriend And I Attempted Our First Couple’s Costume This Halloween. I Think We Did A Pretty Good Job With It

#27 It’s Him

#28 This Is Awesome!

#29 My Wife And I Made Daft Punk Halloween Costumes

#30 My Costume For Halloween

#31 Come And Play With Us, Danny

#32 The Snail Trail

#33 My Husband. So Hot Right Now

#34 Dress Up Like “Dominoes” They Said…

#35 Amputee Adventure Time Costume

#36 My Wife And I Won Funniest Costume At The Party

#37 Dedication

#38 Hijabi Harley Quinn

#39 Pretty Unique Halloween Costume – Dead Body On Mount Everest

#40 Finished My Halloween Costume

#41 I Beat Cancer This Year And Lost My Hair In The Process. My 4-Year-Old Son Wanted To Be Darth Vader For Halloween So I Surprised Him As Darth “Mom”

#42 Man Cut In Half Costume

#43 I Was Transforming Mystique For Halloween

#44 Wife’s First Attempt At Making A Costume For Our Daughter

#45 The Blue Screen Of Death

#46 Here Is A Tyrannosaurus Costume I Made For My Son, From Mattress Foam And Spray Paint

#47 Last Year I Stuck 50 Samples Of Grey Paint Samples To My Shirt For My Office Halloween Party, This Year I Got Even Lazier

#48 I Dressed As Amazon Prime And Won My Office Halloween Costume Contest!

#49 My Son Heading Out For Halloween

#50 My So Decided To Mix Classic Halloween With The Trend Of Everything Being “Sexy”

#51 Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish

#52 This Kid In Oogie Boogie Costume

#53 Turned Our Closets Inside Out Making These Costumes

#54 My Buddy Dressed Up Like Turk For Halloween

#55 Friend’s Costume Had Me Terrified All Night!

#56 Working DSLR Camera Costume

#57 Mother Of Dragons

#58 For Halloween, I Constructed My Own Rosie Costume!

#59 The Atoms Family

#60 My Friend Went As Walt Disney Fresh Out Of The Freezer

#61 My Cousin Lost His Arm In A Motorcycle Accident, So He’s The Part In The Movie Where Woodie’s Arm Starts To Rip

#62 Nightmarish Halloween Costume

#63 Wanted To Share A Pic Of Me And My Daughter’s Halloween Costumes

#64 My Halloween Costume

#65 The Wife Said “Let’s Do Sexy Costumes For Halloween This Year”… Game On!

#66 My Orthodontist Told Me I’d Have My Braces On For Halloween. Figured I Might As Well Use It To My Advantage. Wake Up, Fishy!

#67 My Boyfriend And I Decided To Go As Bob Ross And His Painting For Halloween This Year! Yes, That’s His Real Hair

#68 I Was An Acid Trip For Halloween

#69 Frightening Couples Costume

#70 A Halloween Costume Only Australians Will Understand

#71 Finally Finished This Year’s Family Costume. Ack Ack Ack!

#72 How Was Our Attempt As Mystery Inc.?

#73 We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween. In America, This Is Terrifying To Half Of Our Population!

#74 I Think My Girlfriend’s Weird Al Costume Is Spot On!

#75 Howdy-Ho, Neighbors!

#76 I Think I Found My Halloween Costume

#77 I Decided To Be A Galaxy Note 7 On Fire

#78 Happy Halloween From The Wetbandits

#79 Twisty Halloween Costume

#80 Goblin King And Daughter Ludo

#81 Ouija Board

#82 My Buddy Is Eleven For Halloween

#83 A Guy My Mom Went To School With Had One Of The Best Halloween Costumes I’ve Seen This Year

#84 The Pup And I Went As Bb-8 And Rey

#85 Someone I Know Made This Halloween Costume

#86 My Friends’ Silent Hill Costumes For Halloween

#87 The Most Terrifying Thing I Could Possibly Think Of

#88 A Terrifying Larp Costume I Made Based On A Hornets Nest Photo I Saw Last Year

#89 “Say Something” – “Something”

#90 Note 7 Costume

#91 Me And My Gf As Purgers This Halloween

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