Remove Makeup

Around the world, different perceptions and beauty standards vary a lot not to mention that each person has his  or her own understanding. The cult of beauty became so important after the rise of social media

It’s true that most people go an extra mile to just show their prettiness or hotness of the appearance on the internet.

When we talk about Asian countries such as China, the whole new level of creativity is introduced regarding this problem. Actually make up is there for only just highlighting woman’s existing features but some girls are creating new features with the help of fake skin extensions, fake eyelashes, etc.

A few days ago, this video below went viral. It portrays the process of Asian girls removing their “sculpted” faces. It is ridiculous that most of them become completely unidentifiable.

Let me know your opinion about this after scrolling down. It’ll make u surprised for sure (h/t)






















Ransi Samarasinghe

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