After the demise of Steve Irwin in 2006, his legacy was carried out by his family. His beloved children Bindi and Robert Irwin are also conservationists at the Australian Zoo. Recently a new member, baby girl Grace Warrior Irwin was welcomed by Bindi and her beloved husband Chandler Powell. And without wasting any time they had introduced their little girl to the wild animals.

Little Grace who is 3 months old had been introduced to a group of kangaroo joeys. Grace’s father, Chandler had shared a post on Instagram of his baby girl and her mother. He had captioned the post saying that they are meeting their little one to the baby kangaroos at the Australian Zoo. and had said that she loved meeting them. And before that when she was 2 months had met a Koala. Seems that little grace had loved meeting the baby kangaroos. Let’s hope that she also would love the animals when she grows up like her parents and grandparents.


The Irwin family had always shared their time as conservationists with the public. Anyhow lately Bindi had said that she hopes to take a break from social media. She had said that she hopes to get some time out of the public eye as she needs to spend time with her family and loved ones. And had said that she feels grateful to share their work with you but needs some time for family. If if it happens so you can always know about them through Chandler’s Instagram.

#2. Earlier she had also met a Koala

#3. they had said that they would open a bird garden for their daughter

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