How pretty scary when you have to depend on animals as the way you treat them? Nobody has no insight about how humans are monstrous unless they get the first hand experience. The above shocking scenes of illustration that are designed to get you to think in different perspective about the selfishness of human being.

Animal cruelty is a nation wide problem that everyone should look with sympathy. How barbaric and inhumane you are to use the innocent of a living creature to suffer for the sake of your selfish desires? Truthfully, no one deserves that kind of treatment. Are you a man with brain and heart? Just think.

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#2 Mouse Ear

#3 Pro-Test

#4 Anatomy Class

#5 Got Milk? 

#6 Hunter

#7 Foie gras

#8 Matador

#9 Lobster

#10  Human Fighting

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