Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely has been Suppressed Since 1974

Do you remember Rick Simpson? The guy who went through so much trouble to show the world the healing, he and others had, using Cannabis oil as the remedy against various cancers. He presumed that he and his town forks will able to give the world one of the greatest discoveries in the medical science.

After so much of attempts to legalized Cannabis with so much of evidence, Rick realized the bitter truth: The cancer industry does not want a cure for cancer.

Watch: Unbelievable Microscopic evidence where Cannabis Oil destroy Cancer Cells

Rick used Cannabis oil which was made by himself by growing the cannabis plants in his own land, like medication to cure his skin cancer and a fiercely intense neurological post-concussion disorder from a head injury as other medicines only was able to worsen the injury. He also shared his remedy with the town folks who had various cancers and they were cured because of it. Prescribed medicine did not help to cure them.

He moved from Canada to Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the beginning, he flew around the world visiting many countries to spread the word about the miracle of Cannabis to whoever listened to him. Please see his full-length documentary below: –

Continuously Disappearing Cannabis Research from 1974

The NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded the Medical College of Virginia in 1974 to show that Cannabis prevents the immune system function defending against the viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodies. And also to show that Cannabis destroys brain cells. This was the main fact enforcing DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), initiated under Nixon Government, to put Cannabis smokers into prison.

The researchers found groundbreaking results when they test Cannabis on lab rats ultimately making DEA wrong. Researchers found that Cannabis treatment not only destroyed cancer cells but also improve the function of the immune system. But the research was stopped from that point.

As per the instructions are given by DEA the funding for the research was ceased and all the evidence were destroyed. President Gerald Ford stopped all research done on Cannabis except attempts to create synthetic THC by Big Pharma. In 1983, other research institutes who were having evidence of the Virginia research were advised to destroy the documents by the Reagan Government. At that time the research on Cannabis, proving curing cancer, were almost to be completed.

The Virginia Medical College requested an extension on further studies on Cannabis in 1996 and 2006 which was refused by the Government ruled that time. The research which was carried out in 1974 were disregard by the media for only one mention in the local section of the Washington Post.

Although the researchers in Madrid, Spain’s 2000 who were successful in experimenting with Cannabis, which kills cancer cells, tried to find the evidence of this 1974 research. But all the evidence were missing. Dr. Manual Guzman who was a Madrid’s leading researcher, stated: “I am aware of the existence of that research. In fact, I have attempted many times to obtain the journal article on the original investigation by these people, but it has proven impossible.”

This announcement was made when an independent investigative journalist found document copies from a California university and faxed them over. At that time the Madrid researches were completed.

These discoveries done by Madrid on rats was also ignored by media as same as 1974 research. This Madrid research not only proves efficacy on reducing brain cancer tumors in rats but also tested it on healthy rats with THC to see if any harmful results appear on the rats but they found that no harmful effects on normal brain tissues.

Recently in two hospitals in Israel, Sheba and Abarbanel started doing successful researches and treatments on humans with cannabis who suffered from different diseases. The research was financially supported by the Israeli government. These research studies were not opened up to media.

Rick Simpson got support from the TV media coverage in Canada when he attempted to prove the possibilities of Cannabis curing cancer got the attention of everyone back around 1999. But he did not try to register these findings as the patent.

[Suggested Reading: U.S. Government Has Patents on Cannabis

Update: National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms Cannabis Can Cure Cancer]

Anecdotal Testimonies and Independent Studies Confirm Cannabis Cancer Efficacy and Safety.

Everyone can find information for alternative health on the internet as the same is not blocked by media as they have not taken any action regarding that information. There is evidence that there have been anecdotal recoveries from terminal cancer recorded by people as old as 80. We have to honor Dr. Sajay Gupta of CNN for doing a great job of public 180 reversal on his previous anti-cannabis posture while covering cannabis healing among extremely epileptic children.

As you know, clearly use of cannabis is effective and safe. It destroys and apoptosis on tumor cancer cells. Apoptosis is cellular programmed cell death (PCD) that’s part of normal cells die-off and replacement from new cells. But cancer tumor cells don’t do apoptosis. They just keep on going and expanding. Cannabinoids also curb angiogenesis, which tumors use to develop blood vessels that supply glucose for their metabolism.

So cannabis induces apoptosis to kill cancer cells and inhibits angiogenesis to cut off their food supplies. And as the Madrid studies showed anyone who used or using cannabis can confirm that using cannabis can cure and will not harm healthy cells. That is what treatment on tumors do.

It is an unavoidable truth that most of the cancer deaths happen due to chemo and radiation treatment. But the Medical mafia is not letting the ugly truth revealed. They confirm all deaths are from cancer. At the same time fundraisers keep on making people contribute money, their time and energy to find the answers to cancer.

Cannabis caveats: Smoking cannabis can be the least effective for curing. Using a vaporizer or “vaping” is better. Using cannabis oils or pastes is the best treatment. But if you use this treatment ignoring your lifestyle and diet habits it will change the positive things which you gained from using these alternative cancer treatments.

Please see below an example of a baby who was cured of brain cancer without being subject to the cruelties of surgery, radiation or brain cancer. He was simply given cannabis oil via his pacifier. He was completed cured within eight months. After two months of observation on treatment, the pediatric oncologist was surprised at the baby’s recovery and stopped any future treatment that would cause more damage, calling him a miracle baby.

This short video report of that “miracle baby” is complete with brain scans showing progress and recovery, which only the Huffington Post reported within what’s considered mainstream media.

What would you think? Should we legalize cannabis? Please share your comments in below section.

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Iv been saying this for years change your diet and lifestyle and take cannabis oil for cancer treatment not toxic chemotherapy