Conjoined Twins: Brothers Joined At The Hip Learn To Live In Harmony

Shivanath and Shivram are twin brothers and they are attached to each other. That is how they live in this world.

They were born with a jointed waist and they are living like this for 12 years. They have only independent lungs, hearts and brains while sharing two legs and four arms. They also share the same stomach which is hard to believe.

As per the doctor’s point of view, they could be successfully separated and live independently, but they ignored it and decided to live with the same way.

“We don’t wish to get separated,” Shivram told Barcroft TV. “We will stay like this even when we grow old. We want to live as we are.”

Sometimes, it is confusing and hard to understand, how such birth could happen. It happens when a fertilized egg divides as it would in cases of identical twins, but doesn’t fully separate. Conjoined twins occur in about one in 200,000 births, with around half being stillborn, according to The Guardian.

Even If they are dealing with such serious disabilities, they managed to live a normal life like others. The best part is that they get to work as a team, so they shower, dress and comb each other’s hair.

“We have taught ourselves everything. We ride to school on a bicycle and playing cricket is no problem,” Shivanath said, according to the Daily Mail.

They are also talented in academics and considered among the top students at their local school, their father, Raj Kumar 45

However, this life has brought them many challenges as well.

“During the rainy season it becomes difficult for them to walk and when one wants to sit, the other has to lie down. But they don’t fight. They have similar opinions and if one says he wants to play, the other one agrees,” Kumar said, according to the Mirror. “God has created them like this so they have to walk like they do. They will remain like this. I don’t want anything else.”

According to Dr. Krishan Chugh, a pediatrician at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India, he has observed the twins and stated that separation is possible but the legs would possibly go to Shivram. Therefore, Shivanath would be left a paraplegic, reports.

“Chugh understands why the twins and their father might not want that scenario, but things may change when Shivanath and Shivram get older.” Stated in Huffing Post.

“They are 12 years old now and they must see others running around as individuals and being separate mentally and physically,” Chugh said, according to GADailyNews. “How much they are motivated to be like the others is what we would have to try and assist.”

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