1. Answer for stress

Our body is amazingly maintained by hormones and chemical ingredients within our systems that make us face all these happy and sad situations. With sexual intercourse, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin are produced and these are responsible for making you happy and relaxed. It will cost us nothing but happiness to feel relaxed after all.

2. Exercise that’s fun and

Laziness is the most common reason for so many people to reject the healthy exercises to build fitness to their lives. Having sex is an exercise to the body which will burn fat and won’t be the lazy zoned kind of exercise for anyone.

’Sex is a really great form of exercise,’ says Joseph J. Pinzone, md, Ceo And Medical Director Of Amai Wellness. ‘Like with exercise, consistency helps maximize the benefits.’

3. Improves the immunity

It says in researches from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, that having sex twice a week produces more antibodies in the body and supports in enhancing the immunity of the body.
They say “Sexual intercourse releases antigens like immunoglobulin A, which can prevent the common cold or flu.”

4. Lower blood pressure

A physical intimacy is inter connected to the blood pressure. So, an intimacy is a blood pressure lowering agent kind of to our body.

5. Healthy heart

The intimacy is a fact that increases the heart rate.

It is researched in New England Research Institute and found out that men who have sex less than 45% are likely to get hold of heart diseases.

Therefore making love is a good exercise to the heart which will also increase the metabolism rates and burn calories.

6. Body pain controller

Sex is the best solution for aches in any part of your body. Than taking in pills it can reduce the pains that you consist in the body. This is being proved by a statement of Arthritis specialist Dr. George Erich who had discovered the patients who comes to him who regularly have sex are likely to have less pain than that of who doesn’t.

7. Proper and regular period cycle for women and stronger pelvic muscles, and quads, back and core muscles.

Sex is the best way to maintain and trigger a proper and regular period cycle in your body. As it is always involved with hormones it keeps the cycle active and specific.

It is of course a good exercise to the pelvic muscles and quads, back and core muscles, which helps them to be strong and live.

8. Reduces cancer occurrence

Cancers that involve in the prostate glands are prominently referred here. These chances of cancer occurrence are reduced by making love twice a week.

9. Sleeps tight and free

As it gives you a fun exercise it tends to relax your body unknowingly. Which finally makes you feel relaxed and relieved. This way you will go to safe and sound sleep.

‘After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released,’ says Sheenie Ambardar, MD a psychiatrist in West Hollywood, California, ‘which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness after sex.’