Life is all a matter of perspective. Everything depends on the angle we’re looking at it. Even when two people narrate the same story, they’ll do it in different ways, which proves that every individual has their own unique view.

Sometimes, the most challenging thing in the world for anyone is to let go of their perspective and try being in someone else’s shoes. However, people who can do this come out as a bit more stable since it’s easier for them to re-evaluate and appreciate their lives by looking at someone else’s point of view.

The following 18 pictures depict how we all view life from a different perspective:

In this picture, both are stranded and are glad to have found help. However, they don’t know that they’re ‘riding the same boat’ in reality. So, each might have a different perspective on the same situation.

That’s a way of looking at the bright side. While one prisoner has restricted himself to staring at the grilled window, the other one looks at what is beyond the grills. It’s all about having a positive or negative outlook towards life.

Now and then, you should turn things upside down to look at a situation from someone else’s perspective. It’s always helpful to try and view things differently.

That’s about the two choices life gives each one of us; either you’ll sit, sulk and whine about how mean and unfair life is to you, or you’ll try to figure out how to transform a difficult situation into a new exciting challenge.

You possibly know what Ivan Pavlov’s experiment was all about (it was meant to condition dogs to salivate each time they heard a bell). What if though the dogs were also running an experiment of their own? Any situation will always have multiple points of view.

Both characters have their priorities and are happy leading life in their way. There’s no right or wrong point of view. Every person is different and so are their choices, thoughts, and decisions. We need to learn to respect individuality.

The image depicts the harsh truth regarding money and wealth. A more enlightened mind is much more valuable than one that’s running after money. Knowledge makes us smarter and much more aware of how to deal with various situations. Money isn’t all that matters!

To the guy neck deep in water, it might seem like he is drowning. However, the guy standing tall in the image views the situation quite differently. They both appear to be right about their perspectives, right?

So would you count three sticks or four? Which side are you on? The funny thing is that both answers are right.

We all love to run away from the reality if it doesn’t adhere to what we want in our lives. People tend to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear towards the truth when it’s harsh and does not match their outlook.

It’s not hard to lose yourself in a pack of millions. But remember, only if you change the way you view yourself, you ‘ll be able to change how the rest of the world sees you.

That confuses us all, but that’s precisely the point, from side A it appears to be a six and from side B it seems to be a nine. There’s no right side as both are saying what they’re seeing.

It might not feel comfortable to try and view things from a different perspective. However, you have to be on the other side to really feel what somebody else might be going through.

The grass always looks greener on the other side. People do not know what the man in the middle of the image is thinking. However, it certainly seems like he is satisfied with his tiny spot.

Put six different people in front of one thing, and they’ll have six different interpretations of it.

The battle between mind and heart will never end. Change the way you deal with an object, and you can change the entire situation.

Here is a situation which is becoming more and more common in this day and age. Several parents spend most of their time working. As they’re caught up with their work, their kid is lost, with a harsher truth of life waiting for them.

Happiness comes at a price. This comic panel has a deep, dark meaning to it. In the modern world, money can buy you happiness. However, it’s not in everyone’s fortune.

This article was republished from: Thinking Humanity