Smart Women

It’s no secret that there are so many incredible single women in the world. They’re smart, funny and basically total catches. We’ve all, at one time or another, wondered why these “super-hot girls” can’t find a boyfriend.

There are a good number of reasons why these hot, smart, down to earth and funny girls are single. This article intend to explore these reasons more in-depth. If you’re a single hottie or have friends that fall into this category, then please read on to find out more.

1. She is not the Desperate Type

These smart and attractive girls are constantly surrounded by guys who want to spend time with them. Since there is never a shortage of men wanting their attention, these girls know they can be picky.

These smart girls are not desperate to find a man to spend their time with and have the luxury of options on their side. They don’t mind staying single and waiting for the right one to come along.

2. Her intelligence makes men feel insecure

There are a number of interesting studies on “why men do not prefer dating girls who are smarter than they are”. For many centuries, men have been considered as the breadwinners of the family and the main person in a heterosexual relationship.

Most men back off when they feel that they might not be able to compete with smart and intelligent women. For men who puts a value on their masculinity, being “out-manned” by a woman is just too much to handle.

3. She’s Not Interested in Wasting Time

Most of the smart and educated girls are not interested in meaningless dating because they do not find it worth to spend their precious time on someone who they do not see a future with. These girls would rather spend that time pampering and bettering themselves rather than being out on some mediocre date.

4. She has high standards

These smart and super attractive women are pretty much aware of their worth and will not settle for anything less. Their guy needs to possess all the characteristics she has in her mind. A guy who is strong, confident, ambitious and driven might fit the bill.

5. She already feels complete

They do not expect a guy to come into their life and make them feel emotionally complete. These smart women already have amazing careers, friends and have the sense of accomplishment within themselves. They always have new goals and passions to look forward to and they will only be with someone who respect her passion to accomplish her life’s goals.

6. She is allergic to bullsh*t

These women never allow anyone to play mind games with them. They would not let anyone cheat on them, play with their feelings or to manipulate them. These smart women feel what those jerks are up-to way before anything happens.

7. No one expect her to be single

This is probably the first thing that pops into a man’s head when he spots a beautiful girl he can’t keep his eyes off. These attractive and intelligent girls most of the time does not get approached by potential suiters due to the fact they assume she is too pretty and smart not to have a boyfriend.

As these girls do not scan around the place for available bachelors, even if she is out at a club or on a park bench, guys won’t dare to interrupt as they assume she is already taken.

Chamalee Kapukotuwa

I am a Business Management graduate from the University Of Staffordshire (UK) and a qualified personnel officer who completed the National Diploma of Training and Human Resource development at Institute of Personnel Management (Sri-Lanka).

Apart from my professional career in the field of HRM, I am also a freelance writer of web and business contents.