During research in the Masai Mara national area in Kinniya,  have found a leopard crew in a flood. But when the flood denoted flooded, it’s water flow meant skilled. The panthers do not care, though; crossing the river became the only goal they had in mind. Then the giant leopards jumped into the water, and the passengers immediately lost they’re breathed and followed the other two as well.

Following this, Arnfinn Johansen and Buddhilini De Soyza were preparing to take their cameras out, predicting that the swimmers would resolve the situation. accordingly, they both did their job very effectively to suit the situation.

Image credits: Media Drum Images
Leopard group
Leopard crew

According to Arnfinn Johansen, he has been following the 5 leopards for a long time. The 5 leopards were hunting on either side of the Talek River, and they usually reach the outpouring by crossing the stones, but this year the five leopards are in trouble because of the increased rainfall. Those leopards have been surfing the flood for a while and were watching for a spot to go. it was very threatened due to the present has become so sound. And the flood belongs to the Nile Crocodile, known only as a leopard waiting for food, in that certain situation.

Leopard that is victims
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen

Johansen demanded the loss of life, of course. On one such occasion, it was known that crocodiles sank and killed when the leopards crossing. This is indeed a great danger and the leopard brothers then stood up for it.

Crossing the flood
Image credits: Media Drum Images Buddhilini De Soyza

First, the leopard’s head, the Cheeta, jumped into the flood, observed by two other, then the two small leopards crew waiting for a while.

Jumping into the flood
Image Credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Jumped into the flood
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Cheetah crossed the flood
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Crossed the flood
Image credits: Media Drum Images
Cheetah brother crossed the flood
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Cheetah brother crossed
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
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