One team of researchers have discovered what they believe is the best way to please a woman, not only in a particular place or country but for women all around the world.

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Studies have shown that orgasms have nothing to do with the woman’s anatomy or her performance in bed. And man’s anatomy or his performance in bed also does not help a woman to get the best orgasm.

It has now confirmed that woman will get the best orgasm during sex accordingly to the type of man who she is with.

As per researchers, there are some features of men that can give the best sex and most amusing pleasure for women.

These new findings recommend that these types of men will give the best sex and give the best pleasure for women in bed.

1) Humour

The men who see the funny side of everything have a good chance to attract women. Women always seek to laugh and want to be happy every time. They want the men they find to have a humor side and if not women will not be attracted.

Women want to be happy and forget every negative thing happen to them. The men who are capable to give this happiness to women and take away their bad memories are more often attracted to women.

Men who see the funny side of everything, pay attention to everything of the women and see the situation from a different angle will win the woman’s heart.

They will find the answers to questions and they know when they have to be serious.

2) Creativity

Men will be boring to see when they do the same thing every day. Women will not like men who will get up in the morning and going to work every day on the same routine. They will like men who will change this system.

Creativity is one of the best thing women love to have in a man. This is why you see most of the artists such as guitar players, drummers and painters will get the most gorgeous girl all the time.

The men who can create new ideas are the ones who are best in lovemaking. Women find these new ideas very attractive.

Also, men will create these new ideas secretly and women love this feeling of thrill.

3) Warmth

Have you ever heard the saying “if you want to see how a man will treat you, watch how he treats his mother”?This saying is been helpful for most of the relationships nowadays.

Women are attracted to men who are kind and understand woman’s feelings. Men who make the woman comfortable and give all the warmth they need are best in bed. They will understand the woman and fill her needs to the best.

It varies the feeling and things men and women get from sex. But women will feel secure with the man she sleeps and will never ever let him go.

When women feel secure, they will not be afraid to express their feelings during sex and they will not be pressured into sex.

4) Faithful

Although most of the people think that having sex with the same partner during his whole life, women love men who dedicate all their lives to satisfy her and for being loyal.

A man who fulfills all the needs of a woman and makes her feel she cannot live without him is the best partner who will create the perfect environment for a woman to have the best orgasm.

Most of the woman who is first timers for the sex does not get the best during sex as they are not aware of her man.

Although one-night-stand does not provide the best pleasure for a woman, as the relationship gets closer the women will understand the man very well and will get the best in bed.

5) Scent

Scents can take us to moments in our lives that made us feel happy, sad, excited, satisfied and hopeful.

It goes without saying that the smell of a man can attract women. The scent of man can create emotions and feelings that can make a woman more relaxed and fascinated about the man.

A woman will get the best orgasm she needs when she understands and connected with her man.

A woman will get the best and most marvelous regular orgasms, she ever had, when she feels safe and loved from her mans’ smell other than women does not understand her partners’ smell.

What do you think about these findings? Do you agree with me? Please share with us your experience and advises in the below comments section.

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