This planet is filled up with various things that humans have not even discovered yet. That too, the Oceans cover almost 72% of the planet’s surface, which is a vast area for a lot of life to be hidden. But from time to time something surfaces to surprise us from the oceans’ depths.

Very recently, a group of Indonesian fishermen spotted a mass floating in the coastal line. Being unsure of what this floating mass is, they tried to pull it into the land using nets and lines. As they got closer to it, they realized that it was not a boat or anything artificial. It was a carcass of a massive animal that no one could figure out. A video of this carcass being pulled ashore has been uploaded and people are going nuts over this video, trying to decide what it is! Scroll down to check out more of this story.

More info & Media Courtesy: ButWhoCares


People on the internet are shocked and they are debating to find out what sort of animal would this be. It is hard to guess since the carcass has been digested by the sea and maybe other fish who feeds on flesh. Some people suggest that this might be one of the sea monsters who are known in their local folklore. An unidentified carcass of this size surely creates confusion in the community.

But one person has suggested that this might be a dead whale after other fish have scavenged its flesh off its bones. Whatever this animal might be, still there is no proper statement to identify this carcass. So, let’s chip in our ideas to figure out who might this be.

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