Birds are some of the most amazing animals on earth. They can fly and go wherever they want to go and move in the air easily. Birds are closely connected with the environment. Many birds have been extinct due to hunting, poaching, disturbed ecological balance, and much more are under the constant threat of extinction.

However, there are people who are fascinated by nature and birds. Lisa also an amazing person who likes to explore things in nature. So when following her love to Macomb County in Michigan from Germany, she had a need to get a little closer to the birds in her yard that are rare in her homeland. Therefore, she captured some stunning bird species, their humorous expressions, majestic poses, and sometimes silly behavior.

She is so obsessive about discovering things in nature. Therefore, she also set up a camera trick that supports her to implement her idea of exploring the birds from up close. So She uses a Bird Photo Booth 2.0 that has a camera box and a macro lens with an attachable feeder. Apart from that, she takes a small camera equipped with a motion sensor. Therefore, when a bird comes to eat, the camera photographs in a non-intrusive way.

According to her, Her normal evening routine is going through with a remarkable number of photos. She takes photos in her own yard under any weather condition. Birds are coming to her yard frequently. You can check the gallery and understand their personalities.

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Here are some amazing photographs of nature birds.


couple of Doves
“The Mourning Doves were especially adorable today.”


This bird has teeth!
This bird has teeth!


love birds
Doves in lurve.


Someone had moth for lunch.


red bird
“How I have missed seeing this crest”


talking birds
The birds had lots to say today.


Don King
“Don King came over and performed some seed magic.”


bird relaxses feathers
Such a charmer.


cute bird
Such a friendly, handsome young man.


bird with pnut
It‘s not too much if you can carry it all at once.


caring and loving birds
Starling performance art.


bird eating
Doves can be the picture of pure elegance and beauty. But they are also the biggest goofballs.


bird with hair
That’s what I call a good hair day.


flying bird
Incoming gold!


bird on bird
When times are rough, we need to be there for each other, carry each other.


bird eating nuts
“Christmas Day brought some visitors that I have not seen at the booth in a while “


yellow bird
The best kind of orange!


bird worshipping the sun
“We were all worshipping the sun today.”


blue birds
The Bluebirds seem to have gotten a family discount for hypnosis class.


bird on food stand
“Despite the snow storm, it was such a lovely day today. After a week of not feeding them, they still came back”


bird attacking another bird
“It wasn’t just the weather that made everybody more at ease. It was also that there were hardly any Starling there today. This was one of the only pictures with a Starling I got. It is rather impressive and intimidating, but their presence today was thankfully not.”


angry bird
“I’ve been that excited about food before too.”


bird on yellow flower
“First Hummingbird pic of the season 🙂 Conditions today are far from perfect, it is rainy and cold, but that also makes the birds hungry and willing to experiment.”


red angry bird
Fall is definitely her season.


It looks really cool how the adult feathers are coming in on the Grackles.


yellow bird
“More from the vault, and these get me into the mood for spring”


“This morning was rather cold, and I noticed several Starlings in the yard. The winter crew is slowly settling in.”


bird eating fruits
“The BBs behaved like the yard is theirs. I don’t blame them and am delighted”


“I woke up to an empty nestbox this morning (Thursday), and can hear the babies softly calling in the trees. They must have fledged very early today. Cannot wait to see them in the yard soon 🙂 The Bluebirds have not fledged today, so Syrup has to wait a bit longer to meet her siblings. I have a feeling it is going to happen tomorrow. Which would be good because we are expecting a heatwave.”


Be nice to each other and feed the birds!

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Sue Curwin
Sue Curwin
4 months ago

Beautiful, thank you for sharing