If you are a lover of all things tiny and cute then you have come to the right place! Meet Nessa, the pocket-sized Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is taking Instagram by storm. With his Bambi-like eyes and soft floppy ears, this adorable bundle of joy is guaranteed to make even your gloomiest days a whole lot better.

Other than the fact that he is incredibly cute, you must have noticed something else about Nessa. Cavalier dogs usually weigh around 12-20lbs. However, little Nessa is a mere 7lbs. Fear not, this isn’t due to a genetic or medical condition. Nessa was the runt of his litter. Nessa’s brothers and sisters all grew up to be regular sized dogs. However, this didn’t stop Nessa from making it big. With a devoted following of 186k on Instagram, Nessa has turned out to be quite the little star in NYC. From wearing delightful little clothing items and striking model-like poses to sparkling his beautiful brown eyes, Nessa’s Instagram pictures bring joy to everyone. Don’t trust us? Why don’t you have a look below. You’re welcome in advance!

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1 year ago

Those eyes!

Dawn Atkins
Dawn Atkins
1 year ago

Love this little one. Just lost my cavalier. Sooo sad

3 months ago

This is the EXACT dog I’ve been looking for! Do you have any others for sale? Please contact me.

Wendy Mace
Wendy Mace
3 months ago

I would love one like tl

2 months ago

Beautiful girl. I have a 3 yr old girl Lexi-Lu she is sooooo adorable

26 days ago

Where do u buy one

Heather Lopez
Heather Lopez
22 days ago

Interested in Nessa. Location?