This Viral 195-Gigapixel Photo Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

In reality, the photo is taken with a quantum technology camera comprising of 24.9 billion pixels.

This image is making rounds on several social media platforms and news websites.
However, this image is a 360-degree bird’s eye’s view that can be zoomed to the point where you can even observe the faces of people who are informally strolling on the road. Not only that even the number plates of the vehicles.

Just a normal panorama of Shanghai. Wait, no, zoom in a little more. BigPixel

Don’t believe us? View the astonishing image by clicking here.

Tell what you found after clicking the above link.

This went viral because so many Twitter users zoomed in on the photograph to see what they could discover.

People always curious to see embarrassing things of other people. Therefore, the utmost embarrassing of which seems to be this man on a moped picking his nose.

But it’s a surprise that no has found any unfortunate couples.

This image was taken from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The viral image is the largest image in Asia and the third largest image in the world.

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